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Appaxy Club

Appaxy Club means: You can use all our apps and websites with all functions without any restrictions.

If you want a few of the following, then Appaxy Club is for you:

Imagine you could try this out in just a few minutes. It's entirely up to you. It costs less than 2 cups of coffee a month and you can cancel anytime if you don't like it anymore.

per month for

How does that work then?
Subscribe to us. Once your subscription is active, you can simply log in to Ourworldvideos, Oldworldvideos or Diamondvideos with your Appaxy email address.
On Learnaxy and Quizaxy you can link your Appaxy account with your Learnaxy or Quizaxy account in the user settings.

And then it starts right away: You can use all functions on all of our websites and all apps.

This offer is not available again and we will not be able to offer it at such a low price for a long time. But once subscribed so cheap, the price will always remain constant for you. Here again summarized and what this is all worth:

Appaxy Club

All apps included
2.99€ / Month

What are you waiting for? Join the Appaxy Club.