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Learnaxy is our learning app that combines media and gamified learning into one:
Get the knowledge that will make your life a masterpiece. Find out what you are missing, increase your income and develop your personality. With Learnaxy you have all the knowledge from smart books and video guides at your fingertips.
Learn the knowledge and apply it in your life. If you are an expert yourself: Create learnable content and offer it in the Learnaxy store.



Discover the world with Ourworldvideos. All countries, cities and landscapes, people and cultures, everything in video form: authentic, without filters, without borders.
Whether it's for your next vacation, planned world trips, because you've never heard of a country or because you are interested in our planet.
The TV mode shows you random clips from all videos. Discover unknown countries and areas at random.



Discover the world of the past: all countries in videos in all years from 1890 to the year 2000, all in video clips. Watch the oldest video recordings in human history, see past states and times and learn how everything is connected.
In TV mode you'll see random clips from all countries and decades. Discover the history of mankind by chance.



On Diamondvideos you will find interesting videos of the Internet. Whether it's funny clips, music videos, animations, animal footage or sports clips - you'll find it all on Diamondvideos.
All videos are rated by intensity: up to 7 diamonds for the most intense videos.
Discover random clips in TV mode and be surprised by what the Internet has to offer.
Also find the best videos from Ourworldvideos and Oldworldvideos.


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